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Legal Website Design Tips: Essential Principles of Designing a Dynamic Website for Houston Area Lawyers and Law Firms

“Justice may be blind, but she has very sophisticated listening devices.” ~Edgar Argo.

Although this quote intends another meaning, the literal significance of the words is quite evident in today’s modern, Internet-savvy society. With available technologies, such as website capabilities and the World Wide Web, people are able to easily find an attorney and/or law firm on the Internet to help them with their legal needs.

There are approximately 83,848 licensed attorneys in Texas, 21,712 in Harris County alone, allowing clients to be more selective in choosing legal counsel. Moreover, the increase of self-help legal services on the Internet creates additional competition for lawyers and law firms, making the need for Legal Website Design Optimization more urgent and prevalent than ever.

With the use of the following essential Legal Website Design Tips and assistance from Directory One, lawyers and law firms can gain valuable exposure and ultimately grow by cultivating clientele through the use of their legal websites.

Offer General Solution-Based Information on the Legal Website

The majority of the people seeking legal services are facing some legal issue, which typically requires a lawyer’s expertise in a particular field, anywhere from criminal or civil litigation to estate planning, divorce, or business law. Offering typical solutions to simple, basic legal issues in a Sample Question/Answer format and/or presenting information in the form of a Blog discussing particular legal issues on the website are both effective ways to increase traffic to a lawyer and/or law firm’s website, thereby potentially increasing clientele. This can be accomplished with the use of Search Engine Optimization techniques and strategies, including keyword searches and Content Development.

Apply Relevant Legal Keywords and Phrases

In searching for answers to legal issues, many people begin with the Internet as a basic source of information before seeking the help of an attorney. Often times, a person’s research will include simple keywords or phrases to find basic answers. Therefore, proper structure and usage of relevant legal keywords and phrases on the website can be crucial to Legal Website Optimization because ultimately it can lead the client to the attorney. Web Page Copywriting and Content Development services using keyword-optimized web pages/articles are just a few of the many services offered by Directory One to make legal websites successful.

Use All Available Avenues to Promote the Legal Website

There are several ways for lawyers and law firms to publicize their legal websites, both in the legal community and in the ever-expanding social media. The State Bar of Texas and legal directories, such as Martindale-Hubble, allow attorneys and law firms to promote their legal websites. Furthermore, social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace also provide avenues for promoting legal websites. Providing information to these legal directories and social media websites and linking them to the attorney or firm’s legal website is an excellent means of promoting the attorney or firm’s practice to ultimately grow a desired clientele.

Allow Contact

In looking for legal help, many people can find themselves in difficult, and sometimes even desperate, situations. As such, it is important to have the attorney and/or firm’s contact information readily available throughout the website. Although email is usually appreciated, having a contact phone number is also recommended. Another means of accomplishing this goal is to allow people to email the attorney and/or firm directly from the legal website by filling out a form with their contact information. To ensure Legal Website Optimization, a legal website must both be well developed in content and provide potential clients with a way of making contact.

Practice Proper SEO Techniques and Strategies

In addition to the above-mentioned principles, the success of a legal website can hinge on the usage of proper SEO techniques and strategies, including Keyword Suggestion Tool, Search Engine Optimization, Website Hosting and Website Design. Directory One uses these techniques and strategies to help clients achieve their goals with Legal Website Optimization.

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