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What is a Company Domain Name?

What is a domain name?

A domain name is basically how your company is recognized on the web—it is the web address that people type into the Internet browser in order to get to your site. Most common domain names end in .com, .org, .edu or .net; however there are some interesting and informative sites that have other, newer versions such as .tv.

Why should my business buy a domain name?

Creating a domain name is the first step in becoming a recognized online entity. It is where you will direct your clients, where you will set up future sales and where you will post important information about your business. While it might be fine for some start-up organizations to use free web hosting services such as geocities to get their feet wet, serious businesses need to be able to use their domain as a real branding tool. With a domain name, you can transfer your web hosting services when necessary and still keep your web address that your customers recognize and trust. Another real advantage of owning your own domain name is that you and your staff can send emails using your name in the address, rather than another company. Wouldn’t it be great to reach your customers with rather than Owning your own domain name can make this happen!

Another important reason to own your own domain is the value it holds with search engines. Most search engines will give your website a better ranking if you own your own domain, and many engines will not even index sites that do not have their own unique domain. If you want your website to move up those all-important search engine result pages, your business simply has to invest in a domain name.

What name should my company choose for a domain?

No one can really tell you exactly what name to choose for your domain; however, it certainly should directly reflect your business’s name or service. There are millions of websites, which means that many common domain names have already been taken. You may even have to buy a domain name from a current owner, if it is exactly what you need. Keep in mind several important concepts when choosing a domain name:

  • The shorter the better-they are easy for customers to remember and hard to misspell
  • .coms are always the best choice
  • Using a keyword within your domain name can be a real boost to your search engine rankings

Domain Names and Directory One

As with all aspects of website development, sometimes it is easier to leave choosing a domain name up to the professionals. Directory One can work with you to decide on a domain name that works for your company and is easy for your customers to remember. Guiding you in creating a domain name is just one of the many services offered by Directory One as part of its quality web hosting services. Contact us today and let us get you started towards using the Internet to its full marketing advantage.

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