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TV Commercials: A Tried and True Video Marketing Strategy

As anyone who has waited all in year in anticipation of Super Bowl commercials knows, TV commercials can be a pop culture phenomenon as well as a marketing strategy. Consumers as well as businesses will probably never outgrow TV commercials, as they incorporate images, sound, and movement very effectively. What are some advantages to a business creating a television commercial?

Reach Consumers from All Walks of Life

Much like the Internet, television has a wide reach, much wider than radio or print advertising. TV ads target very broad audiences, even though they can be designed specifically for smaller geographic areas. Good commercials can become talking points in social circles.

Business Can Choose Specific Time Slots

The ability to differentiate market segments is a definite advantage to producing a television commercial. Through research studies, you can see when your target audience is more likely to be watching TV. For instance, if you are selling products that are meant to target young professionals, by looking at demographics you can see when people in their mid-twenties and early thirties typically tend to watch more TV. It is even possible now to choose specific zip code areas in which to air your ads.

Flexible Budgeting and Production Values

Although many TV commercials for national companies almost seem like mini-movies, there are many different ways to create and film a commercial. Every successful commercial has a message, and that message doesn’t necessarily have to be accompanied by famous actors or million-dollar graphics. Make it memorable, whether through the sincerity of the individual on-screen, or by strong, simple images. Directory One, an experienced marketing company, has produced and filmed many television commercials, and can guide you through the necessary steps to make your business truly stand out on the small screen.

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