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Website Promotion ROI Calculator

Because your Return on Investment matters...

Yes, Directory One website promotion really does work and more hits really do turn into more dollars. To prove this to you, we've created the Directory One ROI calculator. Simply fill in the form below and press submit. A new page will open with your estimated ROI each month for thirty-one months.

Estimated CR:

This is the percent of people who visit your website that buy a service or product. Beginning CR's are usually between 1 and 2 percent of hits. CR's tend to grow as the number or return customers grows and your site gains popularity. To be safe, we have provided an initial CR value of only a 1/4%.

Average Profit Per Sale:

This may be difficult if you have a variety of products ranging in price. If so, we recommend using the profit per sale of your lowest priced item as an initial estimate. After all, your ROI can only get better from there and that way you'll be sure not to overshoot your estimated ROI.

Think the numbers look a little too good to be true? They aren't. Here's how we did the calculations:

Step 1:  Average Hit Count: We took the average hit count of seven representative Gold Plus Optimization plan customers for each month of their first 31 months of optimization with Directory One. We counted ONLY the hits they had received since they had purchased optimization. We did not include any hits they may have already had to their website.

Step 2:  Total Number of Monthly Sales: We multiplied the average hit count for each month by the CR provided to calculate the total number of sales you could expect each month from your website.

Step 3:  Gross Monthly Profit: We multiplied the total number of sales each month as calculated in Step 2 by the average profit per sale provided to find your gross monthly profit.

Step 4:  Net Monthly Profit or ROI: We subtracted the cost of our Gold promotion plan ($399) from your Gross Monthly Profit to get your Net Monthly Profit/Return on Investment.

Formula: ROI/month = (Hits/Month * CR * Profit/Sale) - Cost of Promotion Plan

Aha! you may say. I caught you! You said average.By definition, 50% of all sites subscribing to the Gold promotion plan will be below average.  What happens if my website is in the below average category? Will I still see this kind of ROI?

We cannot promise you a specific ROI. Of course every business is different. However, below is a chart showing the hit counts for several of our optimization customers. Below that is the ROI these customers would have achieved assuming only 1% conversion ratio and a $20 profit margin per item sold. To ensure the accuracy of our ROI portrayal we have picked customers who achieved a wide range of hit counts in a wide variety of industries.  We even left out customers who have achieved exceptionally well with our plans in the interest of providing the most representative case studies.

casestudies1.jpg (38426 bytes)
casestudiesroi.jpg (63294 bytes)

In other words--even in the case study with the lowest number of hits (Customer Two)--if only one percent of the people that went to Customer Two's site bought his product and he was making only twenty dollars per item, Customer Two would be making a net profit of over 5800 dollars a month. His overall net profit for the twenty-eight months of optimization would be over $90,000.  That's over 8 times his cost of the program. Remember, this is a low estimate.  The average CR is 2% and can easily reach as high as 10% within the first 24 months.  And if you're selling something at more than $20 profit per item...

Proper website promotion works.  Period.

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