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ROI Calculator for Search Engine Optimization

Directory One's General ROI Calculator

Search Engine Optimization Package Cost
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Estimated Number of Hits Per Month
  The number entered here would be for the first month.
Estimated CR
  CR=Conversion Ratio. This is the percent of people who visit your website that buy a service or product. Beginning CR's are usually between 1 and 2 percent of hits. CR's tend to grow as the number or return customers grows and your site gains popularity. To be safe, we have provided an initial CR value of only a 1/4%.
Average Profit Per Sale
  This may be difficult if you have a variety of products ranging in price. If so, we recommend using the profit per sale of your lowest priced item as an initial estimate. After all, your ROI can only get better from there and that way you'll be sure not to overshoot your estimated ROI.
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