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Houston-based website promotion and design firm, is off to a bright start in 2003

Already in January and February, Directory One has welcomed over two dozen new customers including the new Houston dating service Twenty Four Hour Singles, Trojan Tool Mfg., Sunbelt Stud Welding, and Rouge Houston. The beginning of 2003 has seen Directory One increase sales over the first two months of 2002 by over 22% and over the first two months of 2001 by 50%. "The growth is actually a little staggering," says Sean Odom, Directory One’s chief operations officer and search engine guru. "It’s all we can do to keep up with it.".

In fact, Directory One has had so much work lately it’s been hiring almost as fast as it’s been selling. Kristy Weinken, Flash, PHP and web design expert, webmaster Tania Wong, and Rachel Greenbaum, the new public relations contact, are only three of the employees Directory One has hired within the last six months. Within the last year, Directory One has doubled its workforce. "We’re still a small company—there are fewer than 15 of us," says Philip O’Hara, Directory One CEO and president, "but we’re expanding quickly. By the end of the year we’ll have to start renting more office space. That is, of course, unless we all want to start setting up desks in the hallways."

Besides spending work-hours building and promoting websites, welcoming new clients and employees, and maintaining current customer satisfaction, Directory One employees have been putting in overtime restructuring the company’s infrastructure. They’ve created a new company website a new company intranet, new contracts and packages and reviewed the company mission statement. "We did well in 2001," says Mr. O’Hara, "but one of the things we could have improved on included some simple organizational procedures. There’s so much we want to do, sometimes it was easy to get sidetracked and spread ourselves thin. We all have very specific weekly and monthly goals now. We know exactly where we’re going and we’re heading straight for it." 

So where exactly are they heading? Directory One advertises what it has termed: The Complete Internet Solution. "People are tired of having to buy web design from one company, hosting from another, e-commerce solutions from someone else and website promotion from someone else still," says Mr. Odom. "It’s convenient for people to have one place they can trust that does it all. More than that, our complete solution includes Internet training and education. The web is growing so fast it’s become absolutely necessary for all businesses to create a professional web presence. Unfortunately, it’s also left a lot of people behind. That’s where we come in. We not only provide everything you need to make your site work, but we’ll help you understand the technical aspects of web development so you’ll be better equipped to face the future."

Directory One forecasts revenues in 2003 to exceed $400,000 a 100% total increase over 2002 revenues. It bases these figures on growth from the last 3 years as well as current growth seen in the first quarter of 2003. Directory One has also taken into account Houston’s current economic outlook and industry trends.

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