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September 2005
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Welcome Message
Yellow Pages Advertisers are finding more leads for the money in Search Engine Optimization.

Yellow pages are quickly coming to a end A recent study of one of my chiropractors leads me to believe the day of yellow pages are quickly coming to a end. In May and June of this year my chiropractor, who spends 399.00 a month with me, those two months lead to 17 new patients and the expense of 6400.00 a month in the yellow pages lead to only 21 new patients. This trend is coming true for all local business customers we have that advertise in the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages. Southwestern Bell has long been unfair to their advertisers, and now the advertisers finally have a second choice of where to develop their leads. Most of SWBYP's customers are thrilled they are affiliated with Directory One and now feel they have the ball and chain of yellow pages advertising freed from their legs.

I am especially happy to see this day as for 16 years prior to selling websites I helped customers save money in their yellow pages advertising budget. The way I was treated by them and the way my customers were treated by them was horrible and now there is a chance to be rid of them completely. Thank God for Google, Yahoo, and MSN search listing.

by Philip O'Hara, Sales
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Marketing & Business News
HBJ Recognizes D1 as among Houston’s Top Web Design and Development Firms

The Houston Business Journal recently recognized Directory One as one of the area’s top website design and development firms.  Obviously it is an honor for us.  To be identified as a leader of anything in one of the nation’s biggest markets is an achievement.  To be singled-out in such a broad business category (let’s face it, sometimes it seems everyone with a PC claims to do web design these days) is even more impressive.

However, for us the honor is not that the company was recognized.  Our greatest recognition comes when you, our clients, recommend us to other businesses.  Each time you show enough confidence in Directory One to recommend us to your colleagues or acquaintances, it means we’re doing our job and we consider it an honor.

Frankly, the honor in the HBJ ranking comes in the fact that our approach to web design and development was indirectly recognized.  In a highly competitive arena such as web site design, our philosophy of building websites that generate business for you stands apart.

We believe your website should be your best advocate—your best salesman.  To accomplish that requires a broader understanding of marketing and the role the internet must play in your business mix.  It takes more than simply knowing how to make a website look nice. The best looking website in the world is worthless if people can’t find it and use it.   Developing a successful website requires an understanding of your business positioning plus your objectives.  That understanding must be mixed with creativity and an advanced knowledge of optimization techniques.  It is that combination which produces successful websites. That’s what we do. Seeing others recognize it is an honor.

by John Holchin, Marketing and Business Admin
Hosting tips
About your internet services

Do you know the difference between the different types of internet services you use, and where they come from?  Here are some terms you should be familiar with and what you need to know about them.

Web Host – A web host provides disk space to store the files that make up your website, software to run its applications, and a connection to the internet to allow the world to access your website.  The web host also provides email services for the domain name being hosted.  Directory One is the web host for the majority of our customers’ websites.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) – An ISP is the service you use to connect your home or office computers to the internet with dial-up, DSL, cable, or other types of connections.  Examples would be RoadRunner, Everyone’s Internet, or SBC.

Domain Registrar – A domain registrar is a company that allows you to register and renew the use of an internet domain name for a specified period of time.  Domain registration is a separate service from web hosting and is managed independently.  Directory One is a domain registrar; other examples include Network Solutions,, and GoDaddy.

While all of these services operate independently and can be done through separate companies, it can be confusing when those companies provide multiple services.  Directory One is a web host and domain registrar, but not an ISP.  SBC is an ISP and a web host, but not a domain registrar.  Some of our customers who host websites with us use SBC as their ISP, and have email accounts with both companies.  If you have and as your email addresses, it is important for you to know who to call when one or the other is not working correctly, because the service providers for those two addresses are different.  Directory One provides web hosting and domain registration for many of our customers, but not all get both services from us.

It’s a good idea to keep track of which service you get where by keeping separate files for each one with all of the pertinent information for each account.  It will help you get answers quicker when you need them by contacting the right person the first time.  If you have any questions about your web hosting or domain registration services, please call our office or email us at

by Stacy Clifford, Hosting
Web Design News
Web Design

Our new website finally arrived!
As some of you have already noticed, Directory One, Inc. has a new site up and running. After a long time period we finally got it done; new options and a new and improved catalog of our products and services. Remember that we're here to help you in case you have any questions regarding the functions in our new website. We did our best trying to keep it simple and we know you will learn very quickly the best way to browse and find the proper information on it. .

Website Design FAQ
You might want to take a look and read our new website design FAQ section on our website. We're trying to help you understand complicated terms and what's the goal/reason to perform some tasks before the start of a web design and/or a re-design. We hope it will be helpful to all of you.

by Jesus De La Garza, Webdesign
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