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August 2005
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Increase your website presence on the Internet To the customers that have fit me in your schedule, thank you. Our new packages are being received very well, especially the Spanish web site and optimization packages. The new search engine packages are going very well too. I have upgraded about 100% from the customers that I have seen. I am finding that the best business to be in is the one that helps other people get customers.

In years past I found that the Yellow Pages abused the trust their clients placed in them. They gouged their customers out of every cent they could get regardless of the hardships this caused. They used confusion and fear to lock people into costly, unproductive contracts. I recently read an article in emediawire that confirmed what I had already suspected--the Yellow Pages are a dying business. Every day businesses, just like you, realize that fewer and fewer prospects thumb through those books to find them. Sadly people who are still spending more money on the Yellow Pages than the Internet are waking up to fewer calls in comparison to their competitors who use a good Search Engine Marketing package. Personally I am surprised at the speed in which the lead development of yellow pages is changing. People need us now. Our customers are growing their businesses using our services.

The one thing I hear from the customers on my visits is that they are getting hit-on by many other SEO companies. Most get spam emails or bulk faxes. Most of my customers realize that even Google gets these letters at If you are getting these letters, it means we are doing our job because you are easy to find on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

An important note: We had two customers recently redesign their websites without consulting with us. They lost several years of work in their search engine rankings because the designers they used did not understand search engine optimization. Unfortunately web designers who really don't understand SEO can quickly damage your website's underlying SEO structure and undo critical optimization work. When that happens, there’s nothing to do but start the long process of rebuilding the lost rankings. We must communicate better with our customers on the importance of letting us know about site redesigns before the work begins. We would rather advise an outside designer than try to recapture years of optimization work. Please contact me, Philip O’Hara, if you want a site redesign or a Spanish website. Optimization in Spanish is way ahead of the curve and many of my customers are profiting big from it.

by Philip O'Hara, Sales
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Marketing & Business News
The U.S. Hispanic Market - Are You Ready?

According to U.S. Census statistics, the American Hispanic population stands at approximately 40 million today and is projected to grow to nearly 50 million within the next 5 to 6 years.

Additionally nearly half of all minority-owned businesses are owned by Hispanics (over 1.2 million), generating approximately $200 billion in annual sales.

Add the fact that nearly 1 in 3 Hispanic households have internet and you begin to see why this rapidly growing demographic group, already larger than the entire population of Canada, represents a major economic force with amazing opportunities for forward thinking businesses. Despite these statistics, less than 1% of all U.S. websites offer text in Spanish. Knowing that, the question is, "Are you ready to benefit from this market?"

Marketing Distinctions
Mainstream businesses have struggled to identify the most effective ways to reach the Hispanic market. Many have learned that at a minimum they must offer some translated materials welcoming Spanish speakers but advising that most of the business/information will be in English.

A more advanced and effective method uses marketing efforts modified for Hispanics. The distinctions created by culture, heritage and practices require a more sophisticated approach for optimal results. A business following this approach understands that things such color choices and imagery may need to be different.

Additionally, businesses should recognize that there is a distinction when marketing to American Hispanics as opposed to international Spanish-speaking markets. American Hispanics are influenced by the U.S. culture even if they are relatively new to this country. That fact makes them unique. Being exposed to the broader U.S. business environment impacts them and many businesses have learned the hard way that just because something works in Mexico City or Bogotá you can't assume it will work equally here. Effective marketing requires identifying and understanding these distinctions and adjusting your efforts accordingly.

Even in the business-to-business environment, understanding the distinctions that will impact the decision process and tailoring your efforts to those variations can make the difference between failure and success. Often the business people you will deal with are bilingual but most proficient and therefore more comfortable reading and/or speaking Spanish.

The Internet - A Flexible, Cost-Effective Way to Create a Spanish Presence
The numbers are too large to ignore and the potential too great to walk away from. If you’re not already integrating Hispanic efforts into your internet marketing, you’re losing sales and customers. Giants Google and Yahoo have growing Spanish language search engines serving primarily the U.S. market. They join a number of smaller search engines that exist. These search engines work just as their English counterparts but search and rank in Spanish.

The advantages of using the internet and your website to reach the growing U.S. Hispanic market are numerous. Changes are relatively inexpensive, can be made quickly, and the results are measurable. A business that decides to have a presence in the Hispanic market can have a Spanish language website and optimization program in place within a surprising short period of time. The key is working with a Search Engine Marketing firm that understands your business, the internet and the Hispanic market.

D1 is a Leader in Hispanic Marketing
Domestically and internationally, Directory One is unquestionably a leader in the emerging Spanish language internet. Combining unmatched SEO experience and innovative, technically-correct website design plus a team of native-Spanish speakers, Directory One can develop and optimize a site to make it quickly generate traffic from Spanish language search engines. Our approach integrates optimal design techniques with a campaign mix of pay-per-clicks and organic optimization to make your site rank higher and generate traffic. Add to that our ability to create culturally-targeted marketing content and the result is a Spanish language website that generates business.

If you’re ready to benefit from the Hispanic market, you need Directory One. Contact Philip, Sean or Jesus today to learn how quickly we can establish your presence in the Hispanic market here and abroad.

by John Holchin, Marketing and Business Admin
SEO News
But, I was there yesterday...

The real-life world of marketing is in ever-changing fluctuation. Everybody knows that in print, TV, and radio, the competition is always on the move, always ready to steal that coveted top-dog position. Why then, do people expect Internet marketing to be any different?

The climb to the first pages of search engine results is only half the battle-and that battle is getting harder as competition for those premium Google spots becomes fierce. Your competitors are constantly on the offensive, constantly jockeying to claim their place among the top ranks. As in any marketing endeavor, you’ve got to keep up, or you’ll be on the move down.

So, how do you stay neck and neck when your industry neighbors pull out the SEO big guns? Keeping your site fresh and updated with new content is tantamount to maintaining key search engine positions.

Following is a list of things that can be done to keep your website content fresh and the search engines paying attention:

  • Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Company or Industry News
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Industry Statistics
  • Press Releases
  • Surveys
  • Testimonials
by Sean Odom, Search Engine Optimization
Web Design News
Building a successful website

Building a successful website
Thinking of updating your website or even developing a new one? How you do it can have a big impact on your search engine rankings, ease of visitor use and ultimately the success of your website. To help you understand today’s changing technology and build a more successful website, read the following article. It includes 10 basic tips on Consistency, Content, Navigation schemes, Updates, Download time, Usability, Input forms, Contact links and more to help ensure you get the ideal website.
Read more....

New website to come
We’re getting ready to launch the new website very soon, with new features and improved navigation. We’ve listened to the comments and suggestions from clients for making our website a more useful tool and after months of planning and work, we’re in the final stages. Be sure to watch for more information.

by Jesus De La Garza, Webdesign
Virus and Spyware

A new computer worm called W32.Zotob.A-E@mm is currently hitting networks around the world. This is a dangerous and fast spreading worm which can cause significant damage. Symptoms include the computer repeatedly rebooting itself. Zotob is a worm that opens a back door and exploits the Microsoft Windows Plug and Play Buffer Overflow Vulnerability (described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-039) on TCP port 445 on Windows 2000 based computers. This worm and its variants install malicious software, and then search for other computers to infect. Zotob can run on, but not infect, computers running Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/XP. Although computers running these operating systems cannot be infected, they can still be used to infect vulnerable computers that they can connect to. See Symantec Security Response for more details.

To protect your computer, be sure to run Windows Update and install the latest security patches from Microsoft or visit the Windows Update website here:

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-039:
Symantec Security Response:

If you have any questions about this virus, please call our office or e-mail us at to confirm details of your domain registration.

by Stacy Clifford, Hosting
Hosting Tips
Don’t Be Fooled by Domain Fraud

Do you know where your domain name was registered, and who to pay when it’s time to renew it? There are companies out there counting on the fact that you don’t. A form of fraud known as domain slamming has become a prevalent problem in our industry. Companies who practice this send an official-looking letter by mail to anyone who has registered a domain name (even us!), which looks like a renewal notice stating that if you don’t renew, you’ll lose your domain. In reality if you read closely, the letter is actually a form to transfer your registration to their company and away from the one you bought it from. They are counting on you not reading closely enough to realize what you are doing to trick you into becoming their customer.

The most notorious company doing this is Domain Registry of America (DROA), alternately known as Domain Registry of Canada (DROC) and Brandon Gray Internet Services (DBA NameJuice). However, even Network Solutions and have been caught in the act. The newest one on the block is Liberty Names of America (LNOA). The key to protecting your domains is knowing who you bought it from. The only official renewal notice you should ever receive will come from the company where you bought the domain, whether that is Directory One or Network Solutions or somebody else. Anything you receive about your domain from a different company is a sales pitch, no matter how important it may look.

If you have any questions about your domain name or a piece of mail you received, please call our office or e-mail us at to confirm details of your domain registration.

by Stacy Clifford, Hosting
Around Directory One, Inc.
S.E.O. : Summer Experience Observations from an Intern

I have developed quite a repertoire of SEO logs and data from my time as an intern for Directory One; Summer Experience Observations that is. I came to the company mid-summer as a rising senior from Duke University with a background in sports management and marketing. The highlights of my undergraduate work experience are a student assistant position for Duke Sports Promotions and an internship with the Charlotte Bobcats. I was unfamiliar with search engine optimization, pay per clicks or any other Internet technicalities. However, this company recognized in me a sincere passion for excellence, a strong work ethic and desire to learn about the cutting edge internet marketing strategies that will revolutionize the business world. The staff was very knowledgeable and graciously shared their wisdom and insight into the industry. I picked up important lingo and understanding about the internet as well as learned enough to produce SEO reports that helped assess the services we offer clients.

My first official duty was to interview employees to post an expanded addition of their biographies for the new Directory One website. From my interviews, I noticed the company has a very warm and friendly rapport with customers. Employees were concerned with quality work as well as maintaining positive relationships with clients. The work done in the office is taken as a personal reflection of them and therefore completed to the best of their ability. I noticed how clients call and get friendly, detailed service from Stacy Clifford, the employee who handles email and technical support.

My next task was to create an internship program. The goal was to bring in quality college students and offer them an opportunity to be major contributors to the growth of this company. I wrote a manual, created job descriptions and had them posted at all of the area colleges and our website. I served as the key human resources contact for interested applicants. It will be the basis of more assistance within the company and invaluable real world experience for students who seek professional careers.

I am the voice that a number of you conversed with to set up appointments with Philip. I have learned how to create optimization reports to show you the number hits to your site, the most popular key word search phrases, as well as where you rank on the web. Sean Odom, the lead optimizer, made my web search for your site easy as his expertise enables many of you to appear on the first page of major search engines for multiple keyword phrases. These reports are created in preparation for Philip to try to meet with all of his optimization customers. He values this time to build relationships with the clients, give them updates about their accounts, answer their questions and introduce Directory One’s new product offerings and brochure!

I got a chance to meet Jesus the web designer while he was in town from Monterrey, Mexico. He has such vision and insight into Hispanic market as well as excellent web design skills. John Holchin has come up with unique marketing solutions that have improved the company’s service to you. I am excited about Directory One’s Spanish website offerings and optimization. I have stumbled upon a jewel that will help me greatly when I have my own business. Spanish websites and optimization on Spanish language search engines can be a valuable tool to penetrate the multi-billion dollar Hispanic market, especially in the Texas area. The new packages give you more coverage and high rankings on the web. Please feel free to arrange an appointment with Philip today by calling the office at 713-465-0051 to get updates about your account and to hear about the exciting new services Directory One wants to offer your business to succeed!

I feel blessed to be apart of a great team and learn about search engine optimization and how it has changed the face of traditional advertising and promotion methods. I was impressed that Directory One helps small to medium sized businesses gain entrance into competitive markets. A strong web presence and a lot of traffic on a website plays an integral role in a company’s overall success. This experience has added to my skill set and furthered my knowledge of innovative ways to market my future business. This was the perfect internship to launch my career into the business world.

by Jennifer Williams, Intern
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