Good SEO Content is Built on Creativity!

  April 14, 2008   Category :     SEO Content Writing |SEO Copywriting   Philip O'Hara

Author: April Hall

Content Writer

Contrary to conventional wisdom, SEO content that will increase your site’s readership and drive your business is built upon good ol’ fashioned creativity. A well-written web page is not just a bunch of keywords that have been carefully targeted to your audience. It is a thoughtful, professionally-crafted piece of communication that is enjoyable and informative to read.

Many copywriters peruse their competitions’ websites to see what topics they are writing about, finally deciding on a popular topic and then simply rewording whatever it is they said for their own sites. This is absolutely the wrong method! Internet searchers (as well as search engines) value uniqueness of thought and creativity in approach. Saying whatever it is everyone else is saying will not make your web page stand out from the crowd. It is true that skilled copywriters understand how to use research methods to discover the most popular keyword searches, but creating worthwhile content around those keywords takes creativity.

Remember that content that includes too many keywords is “stuffed” and takes severe hits, if it is not outright banned from search engines. The key is to use one, or just a few, keywords and thoughtfully build an informative page that weaves them throughout the article in such a way that the reader hardly recognizes them. If your readers come to your site via a search engine–only to discover that the information you provide is exactly the same as the previous seven sites on the search engine results page–they will quickly stop taking the time to visit your website.

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