SEO Keyword Research Helps Gain Trust

  February 25, 2008   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   information

Author: Eric Brantner

One of the most important aspects of SEO content writing is the work that goes into each article. You can be the most talented wordsmith around, but if you don’t do your SEO keyword research it won’t matter. As an SEO website copywriter, I am required to write about a broad range of topics at a moment’s notice. The truth of the matter is that I have a very limited scope of knowledge on many of these subjects. Therefore, I must do extensive research on these topics so that my optimized articles don’t reek of ignorance and misinformation.

The purpose of many optimized articles is to inform the reader and influence him to take action because of what he has just read. You want the reader to feel that he must buy your product after reading your article. This is why it is important that you conduct extensive SEO keyword research before you begin writing your piece. Your audience has a general understanding of the topic they are reading about, so they will know if you are bluffing your way through the article. If the reader does determine that the article is full of misinformation, he will leave your site immediately and go to one of your competitors. Therefore, you must study the subject of your article to the extent that your SEO content writing will appear knowledgeable and educational.

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