Internet Searchers: More Active Than Ever!

  December 21, 2009   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Internet Searchers: More Active Than Ever!

Internet searchers are more active than ever now and the proof is in the pudding or rather, pocketbooks of businesses who have been promoting themselves online. Call Directory One today at 713-465-0051 so that you too can benefit from the tremendous growth of Internet usage that has occurred in our modern times.

Just this very past week all time record sales were hit online with more than $900 Million in sales occuring on just one single day, December 15, 2009. This marks a 21% percent rise from the same day last year.  That’s right. You did not read that wrong. A 21% increase in online sales from last year to the year 2009 is correct. Over $900 Million in sales in ONE DAY online.

Did your business get to take part in any of that Internet action?

Internet Becomes Increasingly Important with Unbelievable Speed

Most business owners five, ten and twenty years ago would never have believed that the Internet would take off in popularity on the level that it has, but the Internet age is upon us folks and the importance of Internet advertising and optimized website development cannot be stressed enough as a crucial part of success in today’s business marketplace.

It is becoming increasingly true that if your business is not listed online and is not easily found through strategic search engine positioning services such as supplied by the technical experts at Directory One, then your business is becoming more and more of a phantom and your competitors are ruling your market.

Remember the old adage, “Location, Location, Location?” There is a new meaning to that phrase, which describes what is most important in business. That is no longer “physical” location. It is now the Internet and the position that your company holds in search engine result listings.

If you do not hold a prominent online spot, it is time to call Directory One. We will assist you with:

  • Optimized Website Design (Build and Updates)
  • Strategic Internet Marketing
  • Diversified Marketing Strategies
  • Key Phrase Analysis and Targeted Marketing Services
  • Video Marketing Online
  • Houston Internet Business Services
  • And More!

Houston SEO Services

Call 713-465-0051 today and discuss your current online status and get in on the action. The Internet searchers are more active than ever now. The consistent and incredible rise in Internet popularity leaves companies in today’s world little choice but to hire the Internet business marketing specialists who will make sure that your company is available, prominently positioned and ready to call out to the millions of consumers online.

The Houston SEO services provided by Directory One are your best choice in online business marketing to take your well deserved place alongside the many companies benefiting from this increase in Internet popularity. Take advantage of the Internet age by giving us a call today!

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User Friendly Web Design

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