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Anne-Christine Johnson
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Ever wondered how to improve your Google PPC Quality Score?

With the Google Adword’s Quality Score system, advertisers are forced to better optimize their campaigns so that their keywords and ads are relevant to what searchers are looking for. The more relevant the ad, the more the Click-Through-Rate or CTR increases. Thus, clicks to an ad increase and with more clicks the advertiser makes more money.

Before Google introduced Quality Scores, an advertiser only had to change bidding to change an ad’s ranking. However quality scores take into account relevance of keywords to an ad, the landing page as well as how a given keyword has performed before. Even worse, poor quality scores raise minimum bids.

Unless you have a Google account with excellent keyword performance history, fully optimized ads and a legitimate landing page, there are ways a frustrated advertiser can safely improve quality scores without jeopardizing accounts and most importantly, generate more money.

Keywords must not only be included in the ad but also in the landing page line at the bottom of the ad. Making sure your keywords are on the landing page when the customer arrives is also important.

Example Only URL Below:
Wanna Buy Seashells?
Sally Sells Seashells by the
Seashore. Visit Her Online Now!

Using negative keywords can also be helpful. Some advertisers are product specific. Sally wants to attract potential clients searching for seashells not beach wear. Negative keywords are used within the ad group and keeps your add off pages that are unrelated to your business, which lowers your quality score.

Aggressively bidding when a campaign is first launched can quickly increase quality scores as well as pausing campaigns during peak hours of business. Many advertisers have a much smaller budget than the number of clicks being received.

Although Yahoo and MSN do have somewhat similar systems, these same tips an advertiser uses in Google can be just as effective. In any case, the more relevant an ad, the more likely it will be search friendly. Searchers appreciate that and so will you.

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