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Improve the Performance of Your Search Campaigns: Houston Businesses Benefit

Improve the performance of your search campaigns by contacting Directory One at 713-465-0051 to speak with the SEO service and website development experts ready to help you improve your search engine positioning and drive additional targeted traffic to your website.

There is a great deal of activity going on in the search engine world these days and in order to remain competitive in our modern marketplace, it becoming an absolute necessity to hire search engine and Internet advertising experts for the management of your business marketing campaign.

This is true for several reasons:

With MSN’s relatively recent release of Bing, Google has apparently decided that it finally has a worthy opponent to battle over search engine customers with. Although Google still holds the crown for the largest percentage of searches by a landslide, they are making every effort to ensure that Microsoft does not alter their standing in the online world.

The Internet age is taking over and consuming the globe. Every mobile electronic device now seems to have Internet access. Children are being trained to use the Internet in order to complete their research projects in school. The media advertising regarding the online world and the many advantages of surfing the web are quickly invading every home and public outlet imaginable.

With all of this wild Internet popularity, the public now demands increased capabilities and advanced interactivity from the Internet, which is categorized through the use of search engines. This means that it is becoming increasingly true that anything and everything that is considered the latest and the greatest is somehow connected to the online world of Internet marketing and advertising.

Because of this Internet age takeover, the rules are changing rapidly. Technology is increasing and businesses who want to keep up must have in their employ the services of a team that is dedicated to SEO service and website development.

Directory One has both the experience and the technology knowledge to help your business to compete in today’s online marketplace. Give us a call to discuss the details of your business marketing campaign and how we can help you to maintain and grow as a successful business in the modern world.

New Information Regarding Improving the Performance of Your Search Campaigns

There is daily, an overwhelming amount of new information for improving the performance of your search campaign and increasing your sales results.

If you have been keeping up with the Search Engine Marketing Blog from Directory One, then you have heard about Google’s latest algorithm change. This has now been implemented, but not in all areas. It is a long-term process, which is affecting search engine positioning results daily as the new servers and databases are being brought online and made available for public use.

The new Google search engine will not look at all different from the old Google search engine, however, this search engine, nicknamed Caffeine, is about twice as fast as the old search engine and is supposed to provide more relevant searching results, so that the many spammers and irrelevant listings that often get in the way of businesses attempting to display their credible products and services to the public eye, will be pushed to the back or de-indexed more often.

Another one of the latest developments in search engine technology that will help to improve the performance of your search campaigns is the new Ad Words Extension.

Pay per click users who enjoyed the privilege of being involved in Google’s beta team were able to find increased performance with their search campaigns because of these new adwords extensions that show the most relevant product pictures inside of the sponsored advertisement listings resulting from pay-per-click campaign management, such as the service that we provide our customers here at Directory One.

Internet searchers will now have their eye caught by much more than just lingo that matches their search. They will get a search engine results page preview of the products that you are offering to further entice them to click on your link and buy your product.

When you want to ensure that your customers can find you, that your business can compete and that you have an experienced and effective SEO firm in Houston working on your business marketing campaign, you must give Directory One a call  at 713-465-0051.

Don’t risk falling behind!

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