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  February 18, 2013   Category :     SE Internet Marketing | SE Online Marketing   Philip O'Hara

Starting up a blog is a cost-efficient way to draw in traffic to your website. The only thing is, how does one set up a blog? While blogging may be simple for someone who is well versed in computers and the internet, it may be substantially more complicated for someone who is not used to internet writing and social media. Directory One – an online marketing company based in Houston – helps individuals and businesses with setting up their blogs and keeping them optimized for search engines. To learn more about our blog management services, please call our office at 713.465.0051.

Save Time with Blog Management Service

Directory One specializes in optimizing blogs from both web design and content aspects. When we set up a WordPress blog, our web designers go in and match the theme and layout of the blog to the theme of the client’s existing website. Not only does this create a more cohesive feel but it also helps with optimization.

Once the blog has been set up and styled, our writers begin to populate the blog with writing. We sell several blog management packages with varying amounts of blogging included. Some packages include weekly blog posts whereas others only require quarterly packages. Content is optimized with essential keywords and linked to social media, like Twitter and Facebook, to increase the visibility of your website. Moreover, blogs are an excellent way to keep customers and friends updated on specials offered by your business or new products and services you are introducing. Clients can have direct oversite of their blogs and can easily add any information to a blog post themselves.

No online marketing company provides as professional and personalized blog management service as Directory One. Call 713.465.0051 to learn more about blog set up and management and the benefits it has for search engine optimization.

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