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Wordpress Blogs, Plug-ins and Website Structure

Wordpress blogs, plug-ins and website structure are tools and methods to utilize in the optimization of your online business presence.

Call Directory One at 713-465-0051 to receive expert SEO services and learn more about how these tools and methods will help your business growth.

Helping businesses succeed is Directory One’s business mission. Because of this fact, our SEO experts remain on top of the latest and most effective trends, which will help our clients, continue to progress in this technologically advanced age.

Wordpress Blogs

Wordpress is a blogging platform. With the popularity and variety in usability of Wordpress, this platform is excellent for gaining exposure in the on-line world. The WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) admin area makes it easy for users to make a large number of changes and adjustments to their wordpress blog.

One of the marketing benefits of utilizing Wordpress is rooted in its excellent number of utilizations and the user-friendly experience offered. Due to this fact, a large population of Internet users have become comfortable with Wordpress and not only utilize its services for their own blogging and websites, but also turn to other user’s wordpress sites for obtaining information.


Plug-ins are extremely helpful tools for installing a large number of options involved in making changes, adjustments and upgrades to your Wordpress blog.

Certain Wordpress plug-ins greatly assist in the optimization of your Wordpress website. When you have the skilled SEO practitioners at Directory One set up your Wordpress blog or website, you will enjoy the benefits of the knowledge and experience that comes from working with various on-line tools, such as Wordpress, since their inception.

The continued attention that we have paid to all helpful media outlets as well as the ways that we have learned to utilize these to best assist our customers in their climb up the rankings in major search engine results, gives us the opportunity to continue servicing their business advertising needs in the most effective ways.

Website Structure

The structure of your company website is absolutely critical in driving traffic to your site and in motivating them to action once they arrive.

Your website structure must be user friendly. It must make it easy for your customers to not only find you, but to call you and purchase from you once they do find you. A confusing website structure is devastating to business success.

Additionally and also key is the optimization of that structure for key word search results. If your website is user-friendly, but no traffic is being driven to it through key word and key phrase search results, your competition is receiving your business and your website becomes virtually irrelevant. All of your web design dollars spent become pointless if your customers are not being directed to your website.

Call 713-465-0051 to learn more and receive assistance with your Wordpress blogs, plug-ins and website structure. Make sure that your website is optimized and your customers can find you by contacting Directory One today!

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