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Website Structure. File and Directory Organization

A. Anchor Text Optimization.

Anchor text is another word for link text. Whenever possible, links that point to your site should contain the words you have chosen for your site theme. Hence a link from your happy customer that reads "Pet Insurance ASTYTrust" is better than a link that reads "Pet Insurance ASTYTrust."? This principal can be used within the site as well. For in-site links, you will want the link from page A to page B to contain the keyword or phrase you have chosen as a focus for page B. Hence, using the Keyword Mapping for the Pet Insurance site above, a link from the Homepage to the Dog Insurance Page, should read dog insurance rather than canine services.

B. File Names

Use keywords in your file names for pages and images without going overboard. Use hyphens between the words, not underscores. So, for example, you might name the Dog Insurance Page, dog-insurance.html, and a you may name a picture of a dog on the page, healthy-dog.jpg.

C. Directory and Site Structure

For larger websites, you will want to create an intuitive directory structure with optimization in mind. If you have several pages on dogs and their insurance packages specifics, create a new directory called "dogs" and put all of the dog-related files in there. You probably wouldn't want to call the directory dog-insurance if your web page is dog-insurance.html, because then your file path would be:?"/dog-insurance/dog-insurance.html" and that's going a little overboard. But "/dogs/dog-insurance.html" would be acceptable.

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