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Email Set Up in Outlook 2000 Corporate Edition

1. Go to Tools | Services

2. Click on "Add"

3. Choose Internet E-mail | Click "OK"

4. Under Mail Account, type whatever you want to use to identify this Mail Account
    In Name, type whatever you want other people to see as your name.
    In Organization, type the name of your organization.
    In E-mail address: Type in your email address:
    In Reply address: Type in the email address you want people to reply to.
    Click on "Servers"

5. In Incoming Mail (POP3) type in:
    In Outgoing Mail (SMTP) type in:
    (Replace with your domain name)
    In Account name type your username: yourname
    In Password type your password
    Click "Connection"

6. Choose your connection type depending on your connection method. Click "OK".

7. Click "OK"

8. Click "OK"

9. Go to File | Exit and Log Off

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