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What is Organic Search Engine Optimization?

Many web development companies will mention “organic search engine optimization”; but what exactly does this term mean? Basically, organic search results are those that appear on a search engine results page and have not been paid for. They are the natural results of a user’s keyword query, which result from a search engine’s formulas as they apply to their previously crawled index of available sites. Sometimes paid inclusion content can be considered “organic”, if it appears mixed in with other, unpaid for results. Usually, however, the term “organic” is reserved for unpaid-for content that the search engine software has deemed editorially important enough to be included on a search engine results page. These organic results will then appear in a natural order of keyword-quality ranking.

How can Organic Search Engine Optimization help my Business?

The real benefit of organic search engine optimization is that your company does not have to pay for it! If your site contains dynamic, key-word rich copy, it will naturally appear high on the search engine results page without any further effort from you. Of course, the real trick is to make your site appealing to the crawling search engines so that your content gets a high ranking when users search for certain keywords. This takes knowledge about how search engines work and web developers with the experience necessary to direct future customers to your site.

How can Directory one help my Business make the most of Organic Search Engine Optimization?

For over a decade, Directory One has been working with businesses of all sizes to use organic search engine optimization to their advantage. We know how search engines work, and we understand how to get your site ranked highly on the search engine results page. Creating a keyword-rich, dynamic website takes a real commitment to customer satisfaction as much as it does knowledge about the Internet—with Directory One, you get both. Let us help you construct a website that consistently draws new customers to your business.

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