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Houston Companies Average Three to Six Percent Marketing & Advertising

Houston companies average three to six percent marketing & advertising in their gross revenue expenditure. For some this may be a rather small amount, but for other companies that sum is quite large.

Where marketing and advertising is concerned it is largely true that what you put into it is what you get out of it. However, regardless of the money spent on advertising, the direction that you take with your business marketing is of extreme importance in maximizing your ROI (return on investment.)

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Types of Marketing and Advertising

Consider the 2008 statistics reported about types of marketing and advertising.

  • 23.4 billion in Internet Ad Revenues
  • 46.3 billion in TV Ads
  • 17 billion in Yellow Pages Ads
  • 19 ½ billion in Radio Ads
  • 38 billion in Newspaper Ads

Internet usage in all industrial nations has dramatically increased in this modern age. Personal time spent on the Internet now matches the amount of time that television is watched. That does not include time that is used surfing the web while at work.

Internet advertising is critical to business success in this competitive marketplace. However, an on-line presence without Internet marketing simply will not provide the necessary results to compete.

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing includes such methods as SEO (search engine optimization), pay-per-click advertising and Internet video production and optimization to name a few.

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